Skin Deep Ethos


Skin Deep is committed to a natural approach towards skincare regimes and treatment preparations – that deliver results … naturally!


We are passionate about the use of indigenous ingredients and source 100% pure essential oils and the Highest grade UMF Manuka Honey. We do not test on animals or use mineral oils. We have and will continue to use natural and organic ingredients.


Our formulations are quite simply … natural, safe and effective.


Skin Deep has been manufacturing Skin Care and Skin Treatment products since 2000. We worked closely with Professor Peter Molan who is the lead researcher of Manuka Honey benefits and Chemist Alan Cooke who researched the benefits of Manuka and Kanuka essential oils. From these early beginnings and following the research that Professor Molan and Alan Cooke did in this area we found that by incorporating these 3 basic natural products into formulas of Creams, Lotions and Body Butters that we had an exciting product range that worked and people have had incredible results in changes in their skin health, tone, repair and rejuvenation.

Over the years our formulations have been tested and have not required any changes proving the success of the formulations and the procedures. We manufacture to the GMP standard.


Inspired by Nature – captured by Skin Deep


Skin Deep products encapsulate the essence of New Zealand... Naturally... with the powerful components of Manuka Honey, Manuka & Kanuka oils and we also bring a slice of tropical bliss with our pure Cold Pressed Virgin Coconut Oil.

Our combinations of these ingredients produce multi-active high performance formulas with exquisite silky smooth texture. More importantly, the result is a remarkable triple action that simultaneously firms, refines and nourishes the skin. From the first application your skin will glow with radiant natural health and vitality.

Skin Deep products offer a natural alternative extracted from active properties of indigenous flora reputed for their healing and protection.

Kanuka Oil is recognised for its penetrating qualities which actively heal deeply seated infections and promote healthy cellular regeneration.

Manuka Oil has also been scientifically proven to enhance the healing process and act as a natural shield.

Manuka Honey has proven substances which cleanse, soothe, re-balance and revitalise depleted and damaged skin.

Factor in our own unique formulations which activates all these natural ingredients and you have a unique blend of tissue rejuvenation, correction and protection.

Skin Deep is committed to a natural approach towards skincare regimes and treatment preparations – that deliver results!


Our formulations are quite simply............. Natural, Safe & Effective.




We can become bamboozled by complexity – the more we have to choose from, the more likely we are to make inappropriate choices.


We believe that multitudes of items are not necessary for promoting better skincare. Having just a few carefully formulated products seems a perfectly sound idea to keep skin maintenance simplified, easy and affordable.


Our Facial range of products says it all…


SKIN DEEP has created a carefully selected range of easy to use essential facial care. It is an entirely edited range of essential products that are truly workable and feel wonderful on the skin. We qualify the excellence of this range by using high percentages of researched UMF™ Manuka Honey in our products. The percentage used are unique to Skin Deep Products. This amazing healing and revitalizing honey delivers to all facial skin types’ specific skin enhancing benefits. That is the key to its effectiveness… SKIN DEEP provides something for everyone and suits every skin type.


It is the natural solution to achieving a healthier, more radiant skin.


SKIN DEEP Body Care is well established for its effectiveness…


Manuka and Kanuka oils deliver correction and protection to our bodies.

Balm is fundamental to healthy correction and calming, especially after treatments such as electrolysis, post eye brow tidying and bikini waxing. It’s perfect for pedicures where skin conditions can err toward fungal infection.

Powder are perfect antiseptic preparations for pre-waxing and with no drying effects as harsh spirit or alcohol products deliver.

Body Moisturiser is oil based with seven essential oils including Manuka and Kanuka for a soothing after finish from waxing, providing the skin with protection and softness.


SKIN DEEP Spa Range delivers results that you and your clients will love.


SKIN DEEP Spa range is a delight to use. Intensely active products which make an immediate and noticeable difference to your client’s skin.   All products are easily removed without the need for a shower making spa treatments readily available to all salons. All spa masks can be used on the face and for manicure or pedicure procedures.


Skin Deep products encapsulate the essence of New Zealand …


Our products have a crucial point of difference – their active working ingredients deliver immediate results.


Manuka and Kanuka oils, along with UMF Manuka honey have scientific validation and are recognised worldwide for their healing powers. We can substantiate our claims regarding the benefits of natural care thereby establishing credibility for our products and endorsing our integrity.


It’s this uniqueness that puts value on our product range – it sets us apart.




One of the best honey’s in the world is derived from Manuka – a unique New Zealand tree. It has been scientifically tested by a world authority in researching the factors that make Manuka honey outstanding as a healing agent. Scientists have identified an additional anti-bacterial property unique to Manuka honey. This additional property is known as UMF (Unique Manuka Factor) and has been trademarked as such to identify Manuka honey with special healing properties.

Laboratory testing is required to establish the level of UMF anti-bacterial properties and is rated according to the potency of this property. For example, UMF10 would be equivalent to the antiseptic potency of 10% solution of phenol as used in carbolic disinfectants. Manuka honey is gentle, safe and healing on the skin.

UMF Manuka Honey that holds this unique factor is recognized to show very effective results when topically applied, clearing up infection and promoting healing with minimal scarring while calming inflammation surrounding the area of infection.

UMF Honey is acidic in nature-its pH of 3.2- 4.5 is enough to slow down and prevent the growth of many species of bacteria which require an optimum pH of 7.2- 7.4 to grow. The skin is slightly acidic with a pH of 5.5- 6.5. This slight acidity protects the skin against bacteria and fungi. Honey enhances this natural level of protection without stripping the skin of its natural oils and moisture.


What is significant about UMF Manuka Honey?


  • It reduces infection

It has the ability to destroy large numbers of bacteria especially staphylococcus aurous commonly found in acne.

  • It acts as an anti-inflammatory

Reducing irritation, soothing is ideal for post dermabrasion and sensitised skins. Calming an overactive sebaceous gland and rebalancing sebum production.

  • It accelerates tissue repair

A skin regenerator it encourages the growth of new skin cells, also minimising scar tissue.

  • It is hydroscopic

It improves the hydration of the skin

  • It improves texture and tone

Naturally firming, it supports the skin, improving texture, feel and surface smoothness.

  • It balances the skins pH level

Naturally acidic in nature it maintains a healthy acid mantle for protection.

  • It is a natural anti-oxidant

Seeks out and prevents free radical damage.

  • Excepted by medical authorities

Further research has shown that a combination of the UMF factor and hydrogen peroxide found in Manuka honey kills bacteria and fungi found in wounds and stomach ulcers, and is particularly good for burns victims.

Skin Deep has developed a safe, easy to use skin care regime that utilizes the wonderful benefits of this unique honey with a UMF activity rated over 15+. Some of our formulations contain up to 45% of UMF Manuka Honey.

Honey has been used since ancient time as a moisturizing ingredient in cosmetics due to the sugar content being Fructose, a sugar that picks up water readily and holds on to it strongly.

Modern scientific and medical studies have revealed why UMF Manuka Honey is especially effective it has been found that this honey has multiple bioactive properties. The information obtained is relevant to wound treatment and skin health.

The bioactivities that UMF honey has been found to have are: stimulating growth of new blood capillaries in damaged skin tissue; stimulating the production of collagen and other components of the matrix of the skin; Stimulating the growth of new epidermal cells on the skin; stimulating the immune response: seeks and prevents free radical damage due to its antioxidant properties; potent anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial actions.

Unlike other Honeys UMF Manuka honey is fully active after dilutions; such as in the manufacture of skin preparations and remains active indefinitely.

UMF Manuka Honey also has the ability to penetrate intact skin and absorption has been proven into the dermal layer.

Laboratory testing is required to establish the level of UMF anti-bacterial properties and is rated according to the potency of this property.

Skin Deep works with a potency of 12+ on average 18 ensuring that our premium treatments offer the optimum of healing essence of UMF Manuka Honey.




New Zealand is the home of the Manuka and Kanuka – native trees that grow naturally in unspoilt green bush land where nature ensures purity and sustained goodness of oil these trees produce.

New Zealand Manuka and Kanuka oil have attracted worldwide attention with modern scientific research proving beyond a doubt the healing properties of these unique essential oils.

The main active constituents of Manuka and Kanuka oil are the Triketone, Flavesone, Leptospermone, Isoleptospermone.


Skin Deep sources oils of these trees from East Cape, NZ where Manuka yields a 20% higher triketone level, the active antiseptic component.

Manuka (leptospermum scorparium) and Kanuka (Leptospermum Ericoides) were used extensively by both the indigenous Maori people of New Zealand and early European settlers as medicinal plants.

The leaves and bark were used in a variety of ways to cure ailments and illnesses.

From this early tradition NZ Manuka and Kanuka oil have attracted worldwide attention with modern scientific research proving beyond a doubt the healing properties of these unique essential oils.

Manuka Oil

Manuka oil is a bactericide and anti-fungal agent in reducing these skin conditions.

Besides these properties Manuka is also an anti-inflammatory and is a natural anti-histamine which helps reduce swelling from insect bites and bruising.

Kanuka Oil

Kanuka oil has similar properties to Manuka but is more bactericidal therefore more effective against bacteria and viruses. Kanuka being finer in texture than Manuka has greater penetrating powers. Both oils complement one another with Kanuka ’piggybacking’ Manuka deeper into the skin where their valuable properties are most beneficial.


The Triketone level is the component which gives and is used to measure the antiseptic and anti-microbial activity within Manuka and Kanuka oils. This gives Manuka and Kanuka the feature of work well as anti-viral/anti-fungal agents as well as providing anti-bacterial protection.


Skin Deep uses these beneficial oils as key components in their products that are designed to achieve healthier skin. By using both Manuka and Kanuka oils in our Essential Body care range, Skin Deep has capitalized on the viscosity of Kanuka oil and the natural affinity of these oils to adhere to each other, resulting in the penetrating of both oils into the deeper layers of the skin for maximum results. These benefits include:


  • Soothing and calming when applied as Balm e.g. post electrolysis.
  • Effective skin agent in Body wash and Honey Body Moisturiser.
  • Protective in Hand Cream.
  • For massage, these oils are notable pain and stress relievers.
  • For Pre/Post waxing, these oils are present in Skin Deep formulations to sanitize and soothe redness.